Wednesday, July 2, 2014

once again, 'cause I can

How about a blog post to welcome my birth month? Yuhz?! :) It suddenly came to me that I've been neglecting my goal of posting OOTDs here on the blog so I rummaged through my files and voilaaa! Hehe! But honestly, I'm just trying to make it sound easy but nahh, far from it actually. I didn't even take outfit shots anymore after I've posted this and that's mid last year pa! But fortunately, I managed to find some decent photos and with a little cropping here and there, they're good to go. Me thinks at least. 

So let's do this just like the way we did it last time. You still with me? First photo was taken way back May 2013. Oops! We went boxing twice that month and this was a part of our post-session vanity. On another news, I'm missing the sport already. Care to go boxing with me? :)

Fast forward July, I met up with my college girls at Eastwood for our long overdue catching up. Donned an all Forever 21 girly girly outfit which happened to be perfect for a photo op with Sam Milby. I kid you not, it was my first photo with a celebrity. Blame Lia!

Then this one was from September. Visited lolo at Sanctuario de Paz in celebration of grandparent's day. Dana and I enjoyed the lush greenery, no doubt! And in case you haven't noticed, I have a thing for cemeteries. Such a creep, eh?

Novembeerrrrr! My favorite month from last year, along with May of course! Tin invited me for dinner and I finally decided to take my leopard print blazer out for a spin. I haven't used it since then. The verdict? Way too many clothes for a professional bum, ergo, Noooo!

Another favorite outfit from the aforementioned month. The skirt was new at the time, that's why. Hee! Wore it to Tiny's birthday celebration at Bulacan. You have to let me go though with the kabag bump {read: malaking tiyan} because I was suffering from hyperacidity then. Forgiven? :)

Next up: Holiday Outfits! We always make it a point to dress up for both Christmas and New Year because we're a family of camera whores, err, except the boys maybe? The girls, on the other hand, kind of abused mommy's Christmas tree as a backdrop. A girl's got to do what a girl's go to do, and yahh know it!

Then, we finally made it to RiverCreek farm. Yayy! We felt like hacienderas posing just about anywhere, the tractor being our favorite. I brought my Boracay hat also to add to the whole farm feel but the evil sisters snatched it from me. I wore my cap instead and it was a blessing in disguise; I almost forgot I used to love baseball caps back in the good ol' college days. Nuff said.

The next month, I met up with more college buddies at Pearl Drive. I was tiis ganda as usual, pushing for my royal blue blazer to be put in use. Yieppp, no matter how muggy our weather is! :P Also, the month of February re-launched my addiction to huge fancy rings and then later on to knuckle rings. They're still my current obsession and again, it's my birth month. You get the point? ;)

Then there's this all blush outfit that jump-started the awesome month of March. I accompanied Jhov in her regular shopping -- I'm officially a shopping assistant now -- but of course, that's after our little celebration at home for Papi and Yags. I wore shoes, in case you missed it. We all have to ditch the slippers sometimes, you know? :P


Another celebration for papi 'cause we love him that much! ❤ And despite the fact that I'm not into dresses lately, I just had to wear this one {points to the photo} because somewhere along the way, RUST has become my favorite color. I even announced it over Twitter para DIBSSS! Hehehe!

And then we're back to Rivercreek! We stayed there for almost a week to look after our nephew as his mom gave birth to our newest darling, Xana. I brought my favorite LBD 'cause I knew it's impossible not to squeeze in a little pictorial. Not to brag or whatever, but you see, I was right. :) I even had a hard time stopping myself from posting yet another photo from this set on Instagram. Flooderrr!


Still from March -- I told you it was an awesome month -- was this red and white ensemble I wore for another family day. Not that this was my first foray into the world of red&white but this particular one catapulted that obsession. Check out the next photo to get what I mean. Gawdd, I get obsessed so easily.

Case in point B. I told you the red&white ensemble has got into my head. It definitely sounds trouble to me 'cause I have more pieces of those colors in my closet. Uh-ohh! Anyway, this particular photo was taken when we visited lolo again at Sanctuario de Paz. And can I just say that I have so much love for this photo? Props to the sister for snapping away while I was ceaselessly laughing. ❤

And now, we've reached the point where I'm obliged to apologize for this lengthy post. Hehe! You have to understand that these photos must land this blog's OOTD label by hook or by crook. OC freaks unite!!! 



Czarina Mae said...

Aww cucute ng mga outfits! I enjoyed reading (and re-reading!) the posts you tagged here :D Hayyy. How long na ba ako nawala at parang di ko alam 'tong bagong OOTD label mo? Catch-up time! <3

Czarina Mae said...

Ay, kaya pala. Last year na yung sinundan. Hahaha!

Joy said...

Very nice attires and pictures you had there:)

Melgie Campbell said...

I love all your outfits attire. Very trendy and fashionable. Yung shorts and skirt so perfect for summer.

June | Life and Spices said...

Ganda mo dun sa black na dress.. Mag photoshoot ka kaya minsan. Creative shot.. Im sure maganda kalalabasan nyan apple.

Glamour ZONE said...

So beautiful.great pictures
Keep intouch

Jhanz said...

Love, love, love the outfits! You should do more shoots next time and I volunteer to take photos! Haha :D

Sybil said...

love one of those printed shorts you were wearing!!! :D loving the summer outfits!! :D

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Lenya said...

Great post and gorgeous pics, thx for sharing with us. What a lovely idea. Nice blog here. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

SunnyToast said...

I Love yo9ur mickey M jacket:0 You love animal prints:)

aki! said...

You always have such cute outfits!

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ZaiZai said...

Unite ako dyan sa pagiging OC freak! Hehehe :)

I love your sense of style Apple, never too over the top and never plain or boring. You always look well put together and your personality shows through your clothes.

Ang aga napa English ako ha! Haha :) Basta bongga yan, push mo yan haha :)

Apple Borbon said...

@czarina. heehee! i'm the best when in comes to back logs. :P

@joy. thank you po! :)

@melgie. casual forever! :)

@june. haha! thanks! kaso pag photographer talaga naaawkward ako. :P

@glamour zone. thanks! :)

Apple Borbon said...

@jhanz. aww. i'm too shy for formal shoots. hahaha! :P

@libys. forever summer. :P

@lenya. heyy, thanks for dropping by. i'll check out your blog. :)

@sunnytoast. yass! animals prints! <3

@aki. thanks! :)

@zai. aww. thanks, zai! push ko tooo! :)