Tuesday, August 5, 2014

mid-year photo dump

Can you guess whose photos I'll be dumping ovah here so early in the morning? :) Heehee! I bet you got that right! Photos of my lovely and equally crazy nieces, of course. I've done this in the past twice {post here & here} and again, these are random -- mostly taken on normal days at home. Let's begin? :)


Remember Avira? The new kid on the block? Hehe! She turned one-month-old last January and Faye gladly took on the role of being a supportive ate. She got her little sister covered -- from blowing the candle, to slicing the cake, and finally eating 'em too. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Another one from the said month, ate Faye's new do! Lookie! She's so purtyyy with that A-line bob. Unfortunately for us, she had sumpong when we wanted to take photos of her. I had to challenge her to a posing posing match just to get her in the mood. And yeah, that's dealing with kids 101! 

Presenting Avira's cheek almost at two months! Gigil overload! I swear she gave me a difficult time fighting the urge to pinch that cheek. Why do babies have to be so koyooot yet so fragile? And yes, I'm revealing a weakness here. Ughhh, babies! ❤

The next photos were taken on Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choiii! Hehehe! While everyone's having a tikoy party, I am melting my heart at the sight of these kiddos. Look at that second photo where ate Faye is kissing the little one. It made me so proud of my alaga because it didn't take long for her to accept that she's no longer the bunso of the family.  Although once in a while, she'd still show signs of being jelly. Totally understandable, kid! :)



This one's funny. Every time I'd fake side-swept bangs, ayan syaaa! Hahaha! She'd force her short hair to transfer to the other side too. She would even remind me at times not to sport bangs -- or wear a dress, come on! -- because according to her she'd get envious. Silly little girl!

Now look at the next photo and tell me what did you notice. The headband, yes? Her mommy's obviously giddy to play dress up with her new doll. We make fun of her tuloy 'cause she has way too many of those head thingamajigs considering that uhmm.. she has yet to grow her hair! Haha!

Up next: my favorite set! We're usually this happy and kulit when we're together but I rarely bring the cam out of my room. That translates to missing out all our random moments in front of the house either biking or hammock-ing, or sometimes just dancing and singing wildly, or running free. Hehehe! Remind me to tow my cam downstairs more often, please. :)


Not much random photos and none that met my standards. And yes, may standards pa kong nalalaman. Hahaha! Kidding aside, it was a busy month with the family -- from Yags and Papi's birthday celebrations {here and here!}, to staying at the farm for a week {here}, to welcoming another baby in the family {here}, to ate Faye's moving-up day {here} and finally down to a random day out {here}. It is strongly suggested that you reread all those posts because come onnn, I know you love me. Hehehe! Plus of course, you'll witness more baby love over those links. Convinced already? :)


If I remember it right, I was forcing her to practice her then favorite song when these photos were taken. As I've mentioned before {here}, I taught her the lyrics of "Let It Go" which she later on sang for their Kiddie Crew graduation. I know I still owe you the video I sort of promised; I'll work on that. I.. uhm.. uh.. promise! :P

Just one of those ice cream fixes from the hot month of April. We were supposed to simply grab ice cream from Fairview Terraces then do the groceries but this young one insisted on riding Timezone's train. I rode with her and to my surprise, she started getting annoyed for some reasons. Kid logic!

Avi at 4 months! This is how she looked like after her ate and daddy left us at home to attend McDo's Kiddie Crew Workshop. I told you she's got a lot of those headbands. And she's a happy baby, if I may add. It's so easy to make her laugh and eventually clap her hands out of joy. She has definitely doubled the fun at home and we can't wait 'til she doubles the riot too.

Now here's ate Faye's humongous face and mita's birthday cake on the background. She just won't give up the limelight, even just for a moment, even just for a cake! Vain, vain, vain.


May, my sumpong month! :P We already know that my hormones are crazy, but yeah, it can get crazier at times. By good fortune, I was able to capture Avi's fifth month celebration. As usual, ate Faye was there to steal the limelight. I mean, to share the moment with Avi. Hehe! :)


So I let ate Faye mess up with my scrapbook and my dust-collecting materials and now, I have a strong feeling that I'd regret this decision soon. She already has three display pockets on my scrapbook so that's six pages back to back. It's slowly becoming our shared belonging just like my dresses, accessories, make ups and gadgets. Uh-ohh!

I know this has turned out to be another lengthy post but still, this isn't enough to give you a clear picture of how often Faye and I are together and the extent of our craziness every single time. Having said that, I'll try to do a better job for the latter part of 2014. I'm telling you, I'll enjoy this bum perk while I can. :)



Shayne ♥ said...

ay cuteness runs in the blood! lalo those adorable cheeks. parang trademark na sya in your family <3
ps : cute naman sumponging ni faye :)

Sybil said...

can't get over how cute these babies are!!!! ADORABLE!! :D

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Nix said...

Want to pinch the chubby cheeks of that baby! <3

Super Bratinella said...

nice blog, so cute and kikay!!