Saturday, October 26, 2013

style crush: jen dang (and then some)

Obsessing with yet another fashion blog - Skirt the Rules by Jen Dang. I went hysterical the first time I saw it. Alam nyo naman ako, reyna ng hysteria. Hahaha!

You might have scrolled through the photos already and as you can see, her style is so wearable. As much as I hate saying this, I've grown tired of our famous fashion bloggers. Most of the time, they look too complicated.. tons of accessories, multi-level layers of clothes, sky high heels, heavy makeup. That's over the top for commoners like us. O nandadamay lang ako? :P

Anyway, before you even think of ditching this blog {and me}, here's a rundown on why I'm totally diggin' her style.

SHE HAS A GREAT DEAL OF SKIRTS. A-line skirts, pencil cuts, hi-lows, printed, textured, leather.. name it, she's got it. Abso-freakin-lutely giving justice to her blog title. Claps for her!!

It's also easy to notice that SHE KEEPS CLOTHES ON ROTATION. She maximizes everything - from her clothes to her accessories, down to her shoes and bags. Talagang most of them you'll see more than once. Because really, all you need is a talent on mixing and matching. You don't have to have new clothes to don a different look. I may not be a fashion expert but I know that for sure.

SHE LOVES DRESSES TOO, floral ones at that. Lalo na akong naloka. You know I'm a sucker for anything floral. Case in point, this blog's layout. And oh, have you seen my twitter account?

Also, SHE HAS A VARIETY OF CARDIGANS AND BLAZERS. I've been keeping quite a number of them too kaso lang with our weather, it's difficult to score a chance to wear them. Nakakaiyak ng uhhmm.. Dyahe, wag na nga. :P

Moving on, HER CASUAL OUTFITS ARE THE BOMB! Yes, bomb talaga para intense na intense. :P I'm cray over her outfit on the left. I'm not just a sucker for florals, I'm a sucker for animal prints too.

That makes the photo below my favorite amongst these. Inggit na inggit ako sa top nya. Ang inggitera ko. Hahaha! I already scored a leopard print blazer for myself but I have yet to break it in. Perfect chance, come sooner please?

And since we're already talking about animal prints, below are photos I snagged from Elle John of The High Feather. I was looking for pegs for my leopard print blazer and the photo on the left of the collage took my attention. Full attention actually 'cause few minutes after, I was turning her blog upside down. Gaaah, I love her animal print dress too.

I have other style crushes on queue but this will do for now. I figured you'd say thanks for sharing, so.. YOU'RE WELCOME. :)

*photos from their blogs



ZaiZai said...

Hi Apple! I agree with what you said, most of the famous fashion bloggers look so complicated with their looks sometimes, often I don't get the concept of what their look is.

BTW ikaw pala ang reyna ng histeria! Ako kasi ang prinsesa haha :)

Unknown said...

love the first set of looks
wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin

Unknown said...

Wow, really great feminine style! Thanks for visiting my blog dear, I'm your newest follower :)
xo Jess

Tsina said...

Pareho kayo ng style teh. I miss you. :P

Apple Borbon said...

@zaizai. hahaha we can be both queens. :P

@juelz john. thanks for dropping by. will check out your blog.

@jessica cai. thanks!

@tsina. ikr? hahaha miss you too. :*

Unknown said...

love her style. :))