Wednesday, May 25, 2011

crazy is as crazy as it can get

Allow me to take a break from my summer stories as something not so summer-ish but of great importance made it between my beach trips. Obviously, I am such an OC that I want to post things in chronological order. Just bear with me, will you? :D

Anyhoo, my mom had her 5oth birthday last April. Over IM, me and my sister were thinking of how we're going to spend it. I suggested that we celebrate it in a KTV. I felt like it was a light bulb moment. Haha! Yet again, because of my bucket list.

..AND RECORD IT! hahaha! I find this funny, and well, kind of shallow slash disturbing slash challenging. Because you know what? I have NEVER sang in the videoke in my entire life {in my 24 years of existence, major major, hahaha}. Not that I don't sing completely, but I have never sang with a microphone. I know how my voice can get so high-pitched, that's why! But because I can no longer think of anything else {realistic enough} to include in this I-wanna-try-everything project, I thought of simple things I have never done. Frankly, I also remember I haven't drunk beer in my entire life but that one, I need to think about gazillion times {until I get tired of thinking and decide not to try it at all} *wink*. Anyway, I'll be needing a lotta help here. I'll set a schedule with the sisters, we'll have fun and we'll look STUPID. Don't you just love the idea?

ang tweenhearts

their kiddos

So there, we celebrated my mom's birthday at Elyong's, a KTV and resto bar at Regalado. It's the most affordable KTV I've been to. They only charge 100 per hour for the room, most KTVs would charge per person per hour. Minimum food order is as low as 600. We really didn't mind as we know we'd consume more than that.

We had the group meal good for 10 persons, reasonably priced at around 2 thousand. The group meal includes Sinigang na Maya-Maya, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Chicken Barbecue, served with rice, drinks and Leche Flan. Good enough for a KTV.

dinner time

After we had dinner, the party started. I had a hard time selecting my piece. Kay gulo-gulo naman kasi ng songbook. After a while, I got accustomed to it that I became the official song picker. I suggest songs for everyone and key them in when they agree. For Papi though, Anit would always joke "mas luma pa dyan". Haha!

Mama sang her national anthem, "Top of the World". Ate Tin was Kim Chiu in her own rights. Papi was Barry Manilow. Kuya Ga and Gigi shared "Multong Bakla", "Martyr Nyebera" among others. Dana and I shouted at each other with "Complicated". And Anit being the singer that she is, sang countless songs.

wag ka daw mag-sing daddy, nakakainiiisss!

But the highlight of the night was the girls' "Waka-Waka" song and dance number. We even sang it twice because we weren't able to take a video of our first performance {or maybe because we enjoyed it so much we had to do it again. XD}

Now I demand, you watch the video and see for yourself how crazy we can get. Goal #22. Sing in the videoke. - CHECK!! It was more than just singing actually. Go waaaatccheeett!

apologies for the low quality and for looking all haggard :P

Before the night was over, I FB statused how much I feel blessed for having such an awesome family. I can never thank the good Lord enough. One may have countless friends, the sweetest partner, or the perfect career, but having a tight-bonded family is the best gift one could ever have. How I wish everyone is as blessed.

indeed blessed ♥



Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

I love the pictures! <3
Happy birthday to your mom :)

Sey said...

Happy birthday to your Mom! You have a super blessed family. I am happy for you and your mom is very lucky and you too as well.

Send my greetings to her.

Kulit ng baby bakit walang damit? hahaha!

Akoni said...

Nice ang bonding...belated happy birthday to your mom.

Unknown said...

belated happy birthday to your mom. I've been to Elyongs too. I agree that their rate is affordable.

The waka waka video is indeed crazy. haha..

I also know how it feels to have tight-bonded family. We are so blessed. :)

Nortehanon said...

Indeed, having a tight-knit family is a blessing.

So, were you able to record a song at the videoke? ;)

Hercy said...

Aww everyone looks so happy! Looks like you had tons of fun talaga. :) I miss karaoke-ing! And I used to be shy like you when it comes to singing in a karaoke. But then lately, nabaligtad lahat! LOL~

Tsina said...

Wow, ang saya-sayo nyo, ah. Ayan, pwede ka na maging singer! #chos

Apple Borbon said...

@jodie-ann. thanks! i'll tell her she had belated greetings in my blog. :D

@sey. thanks! i really hope everyone is as lucky. :)

hubad si baby kasi naiirita sya. to think, aircon nman sa room.

@akoni. indeed. thanks!

@mayen. really? we may be living near each other. haha!

i'm happy for your family too.

@nortehanon. just that song ang dance number. =)

@hercy. shy pa rin ako until now. i just had to do that for the sake of my bucket list. but i'm getting comfortable with it na.

@tsina. redbox na tayo? para bati mo na kame. :*