Tuesday, July 14, 2015

catching up series: to remind me of the holidays

The bad: we're still playing catch up here; The good: we've reached as far as the Christmas season. Yahooo! Konting kembot na lang, Borbonita! Hehe! Anyway, nothing much for today. No random thoughts, I promise. Just a ton of photos to remind me of the season that was. 

First off, Christmas! Looking at the photos, we obviously chose green as the color of the night. Wala eh! Gustuhin ko mang isikreto yung theme, parang di kakayanin. Hahaha! Kidding aside, we actually take pride in our family kakornihan. Here's a rundown: Christmas 2010, it was orange; New Year 2011, prints & polka, Christmas 2011, red; New Year 2012, polka dots again {with matching spray paint, spray paint pa!}, didn't have a theme Christmas 2012 but we made up for it New Year 2013 by wearing customized "Incrediborbs" shirts; and then finally Christmas 2013, red again. Haha! Can you see how much we take the holidays seriously? Remind me to suggest blue this coming Christmas, alright?

Going back, the past Christmas was extra special for us 'cause it was Mithril's first. She was barely one month old then. Mom and I were just talking recently about how happier the next holiday season would be because by then Mitmit's probably walking & talking already. Ahh, the joy that baby brings EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I can't even begin to explain.

meet my family {for the nth time}

my brother, her girlfraan & mithy

my cousin's little family

the difference age can do. haha!

with granny loves

our boys and their tummies :P

New Year 2015 -- our most blah New Year to date. Yags {my cousin} still had his annual "fireworks display", props to his consistency. On the other hand, I once again took the liberty of recording it. I've been doing the same for three straight years already {2013, 2014, 2015} and I was actually wondering why no one else would take the role when I obviously suck at my job. Hahaha! I mean, have you heard me shriek?

our only NYE photo

Anyway, I said blah. Yep, 'cause we almost didn't eat for Media Noche. I was the first one to leave for my room 'cause I wasn't feeling well and come morning, I found out that they slept early too. Boo! We felt like our New Year was a failure so we thought of doing something different on the next days. And with different, I mean playing basagan ng itlog, pinoy henyo, pabitin and palayok in our living room. Hahaha! I have yet to personally know a family as bizarre as us.

I contemplated not writing this in detail but we might look back at this in the future and argue about the results so..

Basagan ng Itlog. Originally, this should be a game for the couples but my niece insisted that we join. Also, we weren't able to convince the old guy aka our father to look silly with us so Dana became his replacement. Long story short, the partners were: mommy & daddy {ate Tin & Yags}, Gigi & Marisse, Mama and Dana, and finally Faye and myself. Guess who won? Yep! Faye and I along with mommy & daddy. Faye kept pressuring me the whole time 'cause apparently the little one isn't so good at accepting loss.

let the basagan ng itlog commence haha!

Pinoy Henyo. By virtue of palabunutan, the partners were: daddy & Faye, Dana & Anit, Marisse & mama, mommy & gigi and finally, papi & I. We were the last pair to be called and everyone burst into laughter. It's just odd for papi to accommodate such silliness so my case seemed like a misfortune. True enough, I wasn't able to guess the word which was alakalakan for crying out loud. Turned out papi thought it was the tagalog word for adam's apple so he kept on touching his throat. Hahaha! Mandadaya pa sana ang mahal kong ama. :P I was confused the whole time 'cause the audience was hinting "paa" but then papi had a world of his own. Needless to say, it was the highlight of the game. Dana and Anit {and also Faye 'cause she said so} emerged as champs.

faye's winning moment x daddy's confusion

Pabitin. Can we not talk about it? Hahaha! I'll let the video below do most of the talking but the highlights were (1) I GOT NOTHING. Can you believe that?! {I bet you can. Haha!} (2) Dana only got one but it was the major prize. Like it was 10,000 pesosss! Kidding! It was only P50. Hahahaha! (3) Mommy was monstrous. Hehe! I mean, mommy got the most number of angpao. (4) And lastly, Faye cried. Hahaha! Humagulgol and bata bilang wala rin syang nakuha. I could have done the same, srsly. :P

Basagan Palayok.  Of course we let Faye try it first and when she wasn't able to break it, we resorted yet again to bunutan to decide our faith. Luck was on Dana, she was the next to try. POK! Basag ang palayok. Hehehe! But knowing her, I'm pretty sure dinaya nya kami. So anyway, after the pot was broken, we killed each other for the moolah that came from it. Again, mommy was unforgiving.

As obvious as it is, Dana and mommy were the biggest winners. We had to pacify the little one though by telling her that everything mommy got was actually hers too. Funny kid! On my end, no one provided me the solace I need. I guess the pabitin tragedy will haunt me forever. Hahaha!


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