Saturday, February 6, 2016

catching up series: foursome in 2015

.. andddd I'm back! Haha! Just thought I'd dump photos from the previous year because I'm being OC. My last post was my niece's birthday celebration from March {hehehe! yep, MARCH of last year. :P} so we'd pick up from there. Kaya ko 'to! Will play catch up for the whole month of February then this blog will be back to normal. Well, I hope so. Haha! Let's begin with foursome's get-togethers.

The first set of photos were taken during Job's despedida towards the end of March. It's funny how he has left, visited back, and left again and yet the photos landed on my blog just now. E bakit ba? Better late than never, right? Hehe! So anyway, we had dinner at Dampa {in Libis, if I remember it right} then coffee at Cafe Benne. I honestly can't remember how the night went on. That's the thing, I forget easily so it's a must for me to blog - especially travels. Everytime someone asks me about something, I'd say, "it's in the blog". Hehehe!

Then this one's from my next Eastwood visit sometime in April. I met up with Silina first then visited these two also. No more Job by this time 'cause he has gone to the states. It was a random quick dinner and chitchat at Sisig Society.

And then October, Job visited. We had dinner at Yabu, Megamall. I kept on making fun of how far I traveled just to be with them that night. Jsyk, I live in North Caloocan, near SJDM Bulacan, and it's always a huge effort everytime I'd meet friends in the metro. Promding promdi lang. Haha!

cream dory, ftw!

Then last, Monique's niece's christening and birthday celebration. Tiny and Job covered the event {they're photographers, yep!} so I tagged along. It was a few days before Job left for the states again. Haven't seen Tiny and Monique since then. We were supposed to meet during the Christmas season but yeah, life happened. 

Up next, photo dump with ASDS -- that's Apple, Sheena, Dwin and Silina. Yep, we have a name now. High school feels. :P

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