Monday, February 8, 2016

catching up series: ASDS in 2015

ASDS what? That was your question, right? ASDS stands for Apple, Sheena, Dwin and Silina. All of a sudden we have a name for ourselves so I'd adopt that here on the blog. And being the OC human being that I am, I will take time to add that label to my previous posts. Once an OC, always an OC. 

So ASDS in 2015. I was able to do a separate post for our first meet up of the year 'cause at that time, I still haven't planned on doing a consolidated post for each group of friends. But now, fortunately, I thought of a way to make my life easy so congratulations to me. Hahaha! Anyway, it was one holiday back in February, we had dinner at Yabu then coffee at Cafe Benne, Eastwood. Or you can check out the link above to read a little more about it. Hehe! After that, Sheena and I had a little fall out. I'm not exactly sure why she got mad but if I recall it right, she got pissed when she was inviting us out and I turned her down for some reasons. Medyo clingy kasi sya. Hahaha! So it was just Silina that I often see. Visited her thrice already but it was only during the third time that we got a decent photo. We ate at Bigoli but we had to leave early because of her work. The highlight of the day was when she pretended to be me and sent Sheena a message. Haha! Nagkabati kami ng wala sa oras. That was in September already, several months of friendship hiatus.

Fast forward to December, we met again. Dwin wasn't able to make it because of the holiday traffic. Or he really didn't wanna see us? Whatever! Haha! It was a night of laughter over pasta and pizza at Linguini Fini and coffee at Starbucks. Joel made it for coffee too. He's Silina's better half. And yes, sya na ang may lovelife. Hahaha! We exchanged simple presents too. I gave them succulents, haworthia attenuata to be exact, and reminded them not to kill the poor plant. Haha! By the way, I have yet to write about my succulent addiction. I'll do so as soon as this catching up thing is over. So many other things to write about actually -- health update, plans of going back to work, bohemian fascination, fashion inspos, new favorite songs and movies, and there, the succulent obsession. Seriously, must finish this catching up thing FASTTTT.

joel's special participation


And then we also met last month. I contemplated adding that here pero hindi kaya ng pagka-OC ko 'cause technically, that's 2016 already -- and my post subject says ASDS in 2015. Hahaha! That calls for a separate post says my obsessive compulsive self. Ciao!


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