Saturday, February 20, 2016

catching up series: mighty mitmit is wonder woman

I'll be honest. The next item in the back burner is actually a different post. I'm supposed to accomplish my bi-annual baby photo dump {2013: first half, second half; 2014: first half, second half} but I got overwhelmed with the photos. Whoops! I guess that would have to wait until inspiration hits me. For now, something easier would suffice -- Mithril's first trick or treat experience, together of course with ate Faye and ate Avie.

It has been planned that my brother would bring Mithy to their trick or treat at the office. At first we didn't have any plans of dressing her up because we were thinking she's too little for that. But we had to give in when her mom found this easy DIY Wonder Woman costume. So for her first Halloween, Mighty Mitmit is Wonder Woman. 

hiyaaah! i'll fight you, bad people!

too cute for words

And because we are stage aunts, my sister and I tagged along to my brother's office. That made Mithril's companions a total of four. My brother, his wife, my sister and finally, me! Hehe! She had entourage!

The theme at the office is superheroes. There's marvel, x-men, batman, etc. At first, Mithril was all good. Just a little confused with what's happening, I guess. She only started freaking out when a girl tried to carry her. Hehehe! Ruined her mood for the rest of the night. Although her major panic attack happened with Joker. My poor niece, naiyak talaga sya when she saw the guy.

my brother's little bamily ❤️

We didn't stay for the program because the venue was jam-packed and also because it was late already. We wanted to take the little one home as early as possible because hello, she's not even one at that time and we felt like we're exposing her to things too early. You can't blame us, can you? It's so fun dressing up kids and sending them to various activities. I honestly can't wait til we can enroll her in ballet, swimming lessons, voice lessons, lahat na!

So the next day, we brought her to SM Fairview's trick or treat together with ate Faye and ate Avie. While Mithy and Avie were clueless, Faye took the event too seriously. I'm telling you, Faye is always so determined and competitive -- yes, hanggang sa paghoard ng candies!

It's funny how we decided to CHEAT! Hahaha! We took her to the grocery to grab candies instead of letting her line up for but a few pieces. It was her daddy's way of trying to save us from all the effort. But in the end, Faye won. Naipilit pa rin nya magtreat or trick. Hehe! And mind you, she enters the boutiques alone, says trick or treat and finally says thank you. We were just watching her. So bibo at five!

Finally for dinner, we opted for Kenny. We let the kids sit beside each other while waiting for food, and oh my, it was like my heart's gonna burst seeing them so sweet towards each other. They were hugging, pinching each other's cheeks, smiling, laughing. I don't know if you get me, but I am just so smitten every time they'd do that. To think I'm just their aunt, to think I'm not even a mother yet. Hayy, babies make me weak!

be still, my heart


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