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catching up series: used to have friends :P

I warned yah, right? So here we go! I honestly contemplated whether or not I would include "friends" posts in this catching up series because I no longer get to see most of my friends now. Oopsie, what is anti-social? Hehe! But here it is anyway! I just decided to gather everything in a single post so I can easily get this over and done with. I actually realized just now that 2016 was the last year that I was actively seeing friends. Anoba, I'm so tita now! And I mean it literally 'cause all these time that I was on hiatus, I was just very busy with my nieces. More on that soon, of course! (You were kind of expecting that, right?) 

It all started with a mini-reunion the past month and then all of a sudden, I was constant buddies with some college friends. We started the year with dinner and desserts at Maginhawa. From the same month, I also met-up with my closest friends from Accenture. (These people) It was a korean bbq kinda night at Bulgogi Brothers, Greenbelt. I think this was the last time that we were ever complete. Yah know, friendship dramas and falling-out. HUHU.

Wicked Kitchen, Maginhawa

Bulgogi Brothers, Greenbelt

We took the close-close-an to the next level when we went to Star City, just the four of us. We were never a group back in college so it was funny that we were doing korny things together when we got older. Up to now, we have this group chat in Messenger that we call "Road to 40" to mock our age. Ironically, we mainly use the group chat to exchange memes. Haha! We refuse to adult sometimes.

Star City 

It was also the month that I decided to go back to the corporate world so I got busy attending interviews and taxing exams. This was from when I visited friends from PLDT/Smart. Remember Tin? My friend from way back when? I think this was the last time that I saw her. Dont judge me! I actually told myself to reunite with friends this year. And guess what? I met up with my high school best friend last month. Yep, after not seeing each other for like three years. :P

Another mini-reunion, and in Eastwood no less! Stayed in Eastwood for quite a long time so it had so many memories both good and bad. Say it with me.. Awww! Hehe! I met with another group of Accenture friends because Mark was leaving for US. Remember Foursome? Now both Job and Mark are in the US, and Monique is in NZ. While me, on the other hand, never really liked the idea of working abroad. Pilipinas kong mahal. Haha!

TGI Friday's, Eastwood

Still from March, I went bowling with my college friends. I told you, we were suddenly so close after that December mini-reunion. I can no longer remember what ensued that night but most likely I got the highest score in bowling. Hahaha! Kidding, of course. But if I remember it right, we had dinner right after courtesy of Juni and Den. Thanks, guys! 

Bowling Center, Megamall

Maginhawa night, yet again. With college friends, yet again. Random realization: I miss restaurant hopping in Maginhawa. Also, I miss going out with friends. Hehe! You have to believe me when I say that I really haven't been going out with friends for a few years now. Grabe! I've been so focused with my nieces that they've become my only social life. Haha! #superauntie, much!

Maginhawa yet again

May was the month when I finally went back to the corporate world. Shoutout to Bayview for taking me in. Haha! It was also the month that I started boxing regularly with Noni. I've always loved the sport even if I'm not really good at it. Hehe! And I just thought I'd linked up my old boxing posts, here and here. Nakakamiss!

And since I was a Makati girl then, I got to meet my fellow corporate slaves regularly. Photo below with Sheena and Dwin was taken from Charlie's somewhere in Makati. During that time, the other member of ASDS aka Silina was in Switzerland for work. 

Charlie's somewhere in Makati

Another boxing sesh with Noni! And if you're gonna watch the video below, please don't judge. Haha! I love the sport but the sport doesn't love me back. Hahaha! I remember posting this video on Facebook and getting teased by friends because of how I punch. Haha! Tse! Suntukin ko kayo jan, eh!

Also, since I was back to the corporate world, lunch & dinner outs left and right has started again. I can't remember from whom I stole the photo below but it was from a team dinner at Yakimix, Greenbelt. And although it may not seem like it, team buildings like this are so awkward for me. I am a self-confessed introvert so it takes so much for me to socialize especially with people I'm not really close with. 

Yakimix, Greenbelt

Up next, July! Birthday month! It was a busy month that started with a coffee date with Sheena. I remember us video calling Silina because as I've said she's in Switzerland. It was also the time when Snapchat was a thing. Sheena introduced me to it and I was very unamused. I was reacting like "Ito na yun?" Bakit sila tuwang tuwa? Haha! I was such a grinch!

Starbucks, somewhere in Makati

My teammates at work also surprised me with a birthday celebration. Someone called me to go to the pantry and they were all there waiting with a cake. Sweet, eh? Office perks that I no longer get because I'm working from home now. Although to be honest, I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything else. Because, duh, Caloocan to Makati = Traffic. So never again. :P

Sheena and I met up with Joel, too! Silina's boyfie! He treated us to dinner at Yabu and we ambushed him with love life questions. Haha! That's what he got for meeting up with nosy people. JK, one half!

Yabu at (I don't remember where, Haha!)

And the highlight of the month was when we went to Sandbox, college + Accenture friends combined. At that point, I was sorely missing traveling because the last time I traveled was 2013 pa to Ilocos with my Foursome friends. Wait, let's make it rain with links cause #shamelessplugging..  1, 2, 3, and 4! I am going to write about this Sandbox trip in detail so hold your horses. Hehe! But really, it was like a breathe of fresh air after taking a hiatus (no work = no travel for three years!)

Sandbox, Pampanga

More random dinner outs with Sheena! I remember us having dinner at Paper Moon cafe + froyo at Llaollao. On top of the good food are the realest conversations. 

Llaollao, Glorietta

And then more lunch outs with teammates because if I remember it right, it was Teo's birthday. I am actually blaming the free food left and right why I became out of shape from 2016 to 2017! But the latter year was worse! Haha! I am actually dreading the time when I would work on my 2017 posts. Parang I can't share how chubby wubby I got! And speaking of chubby, photo below was taken from Chubby's somewhere in Makati. See what I did there? :P

Chubby's, Makati

October was another exciting month because it was the "summer" outing for the newbies. They brought us to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, all expenses paid! We even stayed at Princesa Island Garden Resort, a 5-star accommodation. It was extra fun because from a group of three (Carlo, Mike and I), we got along with another group and we made the most out of our stay. Of course I'll be writing about this in detail too. Because why not, photos galore! 

Bohemian Party

And then finally for October, the Halloween Party at the office. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse by decorating my red skirt with white dots and buying a Minnie Mouse headband. Haha! That's the best that I can do!

Up next, November! We pretty much spent the next few months with the people we met from Puerto Princesa. We would have lunch together at the pantry and sometimes go out too! Photo below was when we had lunch at Yellow Cab. Sobrang dami pang lunch outs that we didn't have a photo of. But one thing I realized is that people really just come and go. I'm not even friends with these people anymore. To think we had such a grand time when we were in Palawan. 

Yellow Cab, Makati

And then after what seemed to be ages, I finally met with my high school best friend again. Akalain mo yun! She was about to work as a nurse in Jeddah so we had to see each other. My brother, sister-in-law and of course Mithril, tagged along. The next time I saw her was three years after na. But the thing about our friendship is that we just pick up where we left off. Don't you just love friendships like that?

Pizza Hut, SM Fairview

And then finally, December! Contrary to what is expected for this month, I didn't have much going on. I decided to skip the Christmas Party at work and no reunions whatsoever! I only got to meet Jhov for dinner at Maginhawa.

And that's it! Wheww! Napagod ako! After this, it's gonna be all about the fam especially my nieces. I am so giddy about this whole resurrecting-my-blog-thing. I don't care even if blogging isn't an IN thing anymore (and probably no one would get to read my posts), I am doing this for myself. FOR MY SANITY. Let's do this! More posts comin' right up!


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