Saturday, February 8, 2020

SANITY PROJECT: The Catching Up Series

Looks who's back! Mwahaha! I know, I know. Sabi ko noon goodbye to this blog already but here I am again. Funny right? (or not really?) But why am I back nga? Bakit nga kasi? Hahaha! First of all, I really miss writing. Sometimes I write long captions on Facebook when I feel like writing. Kaya lang we all know that Facebook isn't the best platform for our deepest thoughts. But aside from the fact that I miss writing, I suddenly had this urge to "fix" everything. Feeling ko andami kong backlog sa buhay so here I am again trying to get my $h!t together. And of course, that would include making this blog catch up with my life.

So where did we stop? Are you ready to know? Dundundun! 2016!!!! Hahaha! So that's gonna be four years worth of photos and blog posts. BUT I AM READY! (naks!) Actually, I have edited all photos for my 2016 posts already. Kitams?!! This  time around, I am serious about this. Sabi nga ng tagline ko, I have a penchant for documenting life; and I feel like I won't be able to move forward until I no longer owe this blog those four years worth of documentation. Hehe! Me and my issues! Call me petty if you want. :P

But what happened to, you may ask? I wrote a few travel posts early 2018 but life happened and I became a bad blogger again, as per usual. Haha! But I'll see. I might just turn it into a travel blog, or maybe my new blog altogether. I'll decide when I get to finish my backlogs -- 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Easy peasy! Ano ba naman yung apat na taon. :)) Hahaha! But I am loving the process so far cause I also get to organize the gazillion photos lying around. I stopped doing back-ups since I stopped blogging so this little sanity project is gonna hit two birds in one stone. So please bare with me. Or better yet, cheer for me! ;)

Blog posts comin' up in 3.. 2.. 1!


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