Saturday, February 22, 2020

catching up series: patio isabel yet again

Patio Isabel yet again! On this blog, it's the fifth -- first, second, third, and fourth! But in reality, it's much much more visits than that! It's 2020 already and remember we're only blogging about 2016?! Haha! The thing is, it's the most accessible resort from our home. So whenever we feel like swimming, where else would we head to?

So as usual, we started the day with Mithril's pictorial. It's actually what we do up until now that we have Aya already. WAITTT! Who's Aya you might ask? She's the latest addition to the fam who's three years old already. Oo, haha! Pero sa blog na 'to, hindi pa sya pinapanganak! HAHAHA! Summer 2016 pa lang kasi sa blog na to, dbaa? :P

But I'll tell you one more reason why I'm really pushing to have everything documented.. Aside from the fact that's it's my sanity project, I am also doing this for the kids. Ako kasi, I loved looking at our photo albums as I was growing up. We're lucky enough that mom loved taking photos and arranging them into albums. But nowadays that printed photos and albums aren't a thing anymore, we only have Facebook to depend too. And I'm not quite satisfied with that so as much as I can, I'm trying my best to organize everything in our PC and different forms of backup storage. OC LIKE THAT!

And even as early as now, it entertains me when Mithril and Aya would look at their baby photos. Mithril is five and Aya is three, by the way. So there! I'm really determined to make this blog catch up with our lives. Todo explain talaga ako cause I know my catching up series would weird out some. (Assuming na may blog readers pa these days!)

(Hehe! Sorry for the randomness of this post.) So going back to the Patio Isabel visit.. It was just another impromptu one. We got bored one weekend so off we go! No baon, whatsoever. If my memory serves me right, parang we just bought roasted chicken at the nearby Chooks-to-Go and we're solved! Also, it was just Mithril's second time to swim so we were still excited. Obvious naman no how excited we were with our baby! Case in point -- see photos and videos below! :)

And because it was summer, Mithril's dada (my brother!) thought of getting her an indoor pool. We planned a pool party with her cousins, ate Faye and ate Avie. It was timely that her cousins' cousin, ate Charisse, was there too for a visit. We just ordered pizza and it was another fun and busog day at the Borbon's residence. Of course, more indoor swimming followed. Sometimes Mithril only, sometimes with the cousins, and sometimes with the momma and aunties too! Haha! Enjoy the photos below! :))


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