Saturday, May 14, 2011

day 1: mt.pundaquit trek - the hard way to get to anawangin

day 3: capones island - short side trip before we hurry home

Before the details of my Holy Week get-away totally escape my mind, I might as well blog about it.

To start it off, I spent the Holy Week living an old school life in Anawangin together with my college friends. We were there from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. That's three days and two nights of deprivation. Pwede ng penitensya. But before I divulge more of our camping experience, let me first share how we get there, THE HARD WAY.

We met at around 5am in Victory Liner Terminal somewhere in Caloocan. We took the bus bound to Iba, Zambales for P265. Can't exactly remember how long the drive was. All I know is that somewhere between our naps, Tin and I got bored and took vain shots using Lex's 12 mega pickles {inside joke. =p} mobile phone camera. See sample shots below.

the now famous semi-cute and semi-rock pose

After several sleep-wake-up cycles and seeing bloody people undergoing penitence through beating, we finally arrived at San Antonio, Zambales. We bought our supplies and had early lunch there. After enough rest and catching up, we went on. We took a tryc to Brgy. Pundaquit, the jump-off point of Mt. Pundaquit, for P30 per person. Yes, we chose to get to Anawangin by trekking Mt.Pundaquit. To be honest, the moment I got tired, I wondered why we ever chose to trek a mountain over simply riding a pumpboat. Haha! Lazeh.

Anyway, as we got off the tryc, we spent 30 minutes or so at the jump-off point just to gear up. Armwarmers, jackets, longsleeve shirts, caps and sunblock. Apply sunblock or die of skin cancer, you choose. =) At that time, the boatmen were also there getting our excess things. Excess, meaning those outside of our trekking bags. They brought our things to Anawangin with their boats. They're paid of course. Also, the leader of our pack, Nad {whom I fondly call SF}, sought for a guide. We paid him P100 per person, his only job was to lead the way. Ang mahal, huh?

And then the trek begun. It was a sandy trail at the start. I get pissed off every now and then because sand gets into my footwear. It so happened that instead of my trusty trekking shoes, I used some sort of Crocs sneakers. Not really a good choice, if you'd ask.

look at how fresh we are at the start of the trek

the sandy part of the trail (duh, like you can see in the picture}

As we went along, the trail was no longer covered with sand. I really didn't enjoy that relief since I still had the heat of the sun to battle with. We passed by grasslands, dry river beds and some steep slopes while enduring our thirst and tiredness.

dry river bed, I assume

Considering how easy the trail is, I only have the heat to blame for feeling so drained. Oh well, all of us were THAT tired. We had countless rests along the way. Every time we saw trees or whatever form of shade, we rest. Fortunately, I get my energy back easily so I always initiate to take pictures. Or was I making an excuse to hush up my love for such? ;)

I asked kuyang tour guide to take our group picture
nasan ang initiative kuya?

one of the many rests that we had


The midpoint of the trail is the summit of Mt. Pundaquit. We were dead tired when we reached the summit. Most of us just sat there for quite a long while before finally having the strength to take pictures again. But the boys, being the boys that they are, still went to a point higher.

that's Anawangin down there

After getting the rest we all deserve, we started to descend to Anawangin. We trekked down as fast we can, few breaks, few picture taking. I guess we were all thinking of just getting there. Pasasaan ba't makakarating rin.

looks who's taking a power nap

Finally, We were able to get to Anawangin. Just in time before the sun sets. We had ample time to freshen up, set-up our tents and prepare for dinner. We had fried chicken {prepared in Manila}, fried eggplants and mangoes. Decent enough for camping.

where have all the girls gone?

The rest of the night basically was for taking a bath, dinner and poker. Fun way to end a tiring day.

**pictures of the Anawangin series mostly from naphy and some stolen from mikmik. 



Unknown said...

sounds really fun and tiring lol. I don't if I can still do that. I guess i'm old. lol

JoMi said...

Hi, Apple! I've tried mountain hiking before, I guess, it was moreover 5years ago, we went to a place, somewhere in Montalban, Rizal. After walking for almost four hours, and crossing a couple of rivers, it was all worth it! It's a very unforgettable experience. Tnx for sharing! =P

Aiza said...

Ininvite din akong pumunta diyan, kaya lang di ako nakasama due to some reasons. Pero, hindi ko papalampasin yung summer na wala akong adventure. :] hehe. Got trekking outfit ideas from your pics.

Sey said...

We've been to Anawangin but didn't trek. We road the pumpboat. Were kinda lazy! It's breathtaking. The best place for me. I'll never forget Anawangin.

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Sounds like lots of fun :D
I LOVE THE PICS! You're so pretty :D
And thanks for the follow :)I followed you as well :)

Tsina said...

Sa tingin ko, bagay sayo ang perm. See picture with caption "that's Anawangin down there" HAHA! :)

Apple Borbon said...

@mayen. you should give it a try. before you really get old for it. haha!

@jomi. thanks for sharing as well. and for the visit.

@miss `chievous. goodluck sa summer adventure. it's nice to know you got something from this blog. ;)

@sey. yeah, the place, along with the experience, is really unforgettable.

@jodie-ann. thanks. flattered. :D thank you too for following.

@tsina. medyo marami na nga nagsabi na bagay sa kin kulot. ahem. malapit ko na iconsider. :))

Anonymous said...

yung trekking, looked interesting and fun! mejo na-inggit ako! hehehe ..i'm planning to go to Anawangin sa long weekend hehe and naisipan kong DIY na lang yung intinerary, para mas tipid haha! napadaan ako dito, at naisipan ko din isama sa itinerary ung trekking! :D

pero, i just have a few queries:
a. Mga ilang oras yung trekking?
b. Are there readily available guides ba pagbaba ng Pundaquit?
c. What if around 3 pax lang kame, P100 per head pa rin kaya yung fee sa tour guide? :)
d. Panu yung trek pababa, same trail ba nung paakyat?
e. Are there readily available pumpboats (for rent) to Anawangin pagkakababa ng bundok?

Yun muna haha! sana sagutin mo hehe :D salamuch! :D