Wednesday, May 18, 2011

day 2: anawangin - lazeh beach bumming day

day 1: mt.pundaquit trek - the hard way to get to anawangin

Second day of our Holy Week get-away was solely spent in Anawangin. I loved that it was a lazeh beach bumming day 'cos strict itineraries tend to be tiring and stressful. Aren't trips supposed to make you feel relaxed and carefree?

Tin and I started the day with photo-ops, next to morning rituals of course. She brought me to a place where a 'lake' used to reside. Yeah, she calls it a lake but I'm doubting what body of water it really was.  Probably it is, after all. =p

outfit of the day much?
tube top by Forever 21 ♥

When we return, they were just bumming around our picnic table. Maybe I was in the most-bum-mode so I flopped myself to the hammock. Believe me when I say I really didn't intend to sleep, but yeah, admittedly the hammock sent me to a quick nap. Sandal-tulog eh.

good morning, Anawangin

And then for breakfast we had hotdogs and nothing else I can remember. It's getting obvious I didn't help preparing. Teehee. Lazy girl. But at least, I helped cleaning the dishes. No sink, no faucet. What can you expect?

and then it's time for breakfast

maghugas ay di biro, maghapong nakayukoo ♪♫ ♪

We also didn't miss to take group pictures before finally exploring Anawangin's pristine beach. It was 'the guys' and 'the gals' group picture because we had no one to take our real group picture and we were that poor to not have a tripod.

buff like that

damn all these beautiful girls ♪♫ ♪

Of course we spent hours by the beach. Good excuse for being negra these days. Haha! We also had Naphy and Mikmik to take our most precious beach moments. By the way they are cameras.. with names.. what's going on with the world people? Anyway, look at how goofy our boys are. As we try to look all sweet and sexy(?), there they go, goofing around. Ang goofy nyoooo. Haha!

beach shots of the sweet girls and goofy guys

AND THEN.. drum roll please!! My obligatory swimsuit shot. Hahaha! Goal #24. Pull off a two piece swimsuit. - CHECK!

And oh, I'm getting addicted to swimsuits. I bought three new pairs just for this season. You'd have to wait for my Laiya and Galera posts to see the other two {like you want to see them, duh}. Pangalanan ko din kaya sila? Hahaha! :)))

ang arte lang? may smiley paa phhbbt!

After we were tired from swimming {in my case, pictorial}, we went back to our campsite and then bullied Jun to buy us halo-halo. It was actually Jef that we were teasing at first but he had no heart for us. Buti na lang may pasikat na bumili ng mahal na halo-halo para sa lahat. {peace, kada. >:p}

For lunch, we had corned beef and bangus while for dinner, we had adobo. Nah, we didn't cook adobo there. It was prepared by Nad back in Manila. And then there's the famous soup, cream of mushroom and crab and corn? I am guessing. Can't exactly remember, again. Bleeh!

took this shot, don't expect much =P

And yes, I am skipping the most difficult part of this whole camping experience, taking a bath! Again, it was camping. No one should expect decent comfort rooms, right? The very reason I was half-hearted to join this trip. Enough said. I am skipping.

This very night, I also learned how to slice tomatoes and play poker. Why, thank you teacher Honey and teacher Jigs. ;)

konting arte pa before bed tent time

And then it was time to call it a day. Lights out please!! :))



Sey said...

Hahaha! Loving the swimsuit apple. I'll wait for the other two. Why not give them names, that's cool. I love your photos on the beach. Lovely ladies.

You enjoyed summer to much so being "NEgra" is okay! I ma glad you had a fun filled summer!

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Looks like lots of fun!! I'm soooo jealous >:O
And your outfit is GORGEOUS <3

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

aha.. ganda talaga sa anawangin kaya lang medyo crowded na sya. Ang Sexy nyo. yun lang. LOL

ka bute said...

un oh. pamatay ang killer abs. hehe. tdf! (to die for!) ^_^

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! How adorable you are in a swimsui?! This world is so unfair. I'm not looking forward to your Galera swimwear, because I hate you now! lol.. loko lang.. You are too cute.

I can relate to no decent bathroom situation. I've never been to a real camping but I've joined several missions in the mountain and that's the hardest part of all, not getting a decent place to pee, poo and bathe.

I so miss playing poker. I think I am good at that. :)

Looking forward to more awesome outfits of you. I take back what I said on the first paragraph. You are so adorable darling girl. :)

Furree Katt said...

hi :D you are really pretty. i love your outfit.
thanks for following my blog! following backkk.

kitkat said...

ooh cute pics! i wish i was there lol!

Diamond R said...

pakagat ng isang slice of apple kahit first timer here. makiki feeling closed din.
mukhang napagod ka nga sa kakaswiming kakapicture pala. Pero at least meron kang pamatay posing.

ang ganda ng background yong unang picture mo ang tahimik ng lugar. sayang isa lang ang kuha mo doon.ang ganda ng view.
Yong beach common na sa akin ang kaguluhang nagaganap.
Anawagin.I will remember that.

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. thanks sey! i hope you had a great summer too. i'll soon post pictures of the other swimsuits. hihi. :)

@jodie-ann. thanks! we really had so much fun.

@midnight driver. mejo crowded na nga sya. lol, ang sexy nila!

@ka bute. no one got abs. and i know what tdf stands for. hahaha! thanks for the visit. :)

@mayen. don't be jealous. i'm sure you'll look fab in a swimsuit too.
more outfit posts soon.

@furree katt. you're pretty too. coming from you, that means so much. thanks for following me.

@kitkat. thanks!

@diamondR. salamat sa pagdaan. actually, meron pa kong ibang pictures dun. hehe.