Friday, May 20, 2011

day 3: capones island - short side trip before we hurry home

day 2: anawangin - lazeh beach bumming day

Third day. I can almost hear Manila calling us back but we had to ignore it for a while to make way for a short Capones Island side trip.

We were up so early hence the chinky eyes in the photo below. We only had quick breakfast - bread and instant noodles. We didn't want to spend too much time preparing breakfast 'cos we need to get back to Manila as Lex still had to report for work at night. Boo! Work has always been, and will always be, a party pooper!

singkit-singkitan sa umaga

It took time before we were able to break our camp. It's no easy to pack up - tents, groundsheets, cooksets, utensils plus personal stuff. Most importantly, never leave the place with traces. We may have left garbage and other recyclables but they were neatly kept. The caretakers would simply pick them up for disposal or re-use.

Just as were ready, we asked our boatman to take our 'real' group picture. We no longer had the luxury of time so we were off.

credits to kuyang bangkero

In Capones, our main activity was to climb up the lighthouse. It's as if we didn't get enough from climbing a mountain. :| Again, it was soooooo hot. Number of o's equate to how hot it was. Hahaha! Jef and I were joking of 'ang greasy mo lines'. Kasi naman, ang init talaga!

the lighthouse

When we reached the lighthouse, I realized that the view is worth all the whining and the sweat. The lighthouse showcases the beautiful island of Capones and it is way more breathtaking than Anawangin. I have never seen the sky and the sea so blue. I can stand there and stare for hours {On second thought, mainit pala. So 'wag na lang. =p}

Ok, I concede. mas maganda ang view

The entire time we were in the lighthouse, we were just taking pictures. I wonder why we never get tired of posing and smiling for the camera. Care to guess?

Even when we were about to leave the lighthouse already, we managed to sneak with some pictures on our way down to the shore.

with Jigs, the official Capones photographer

just before leaving this side of the island

From how I understand, the side of the island where we stopped for the lighthouse trip is not suitable for swimming so we transferred to another spot for a short swim. Ma-feel man lang ang tubig ng Capones.

But the ever maarte spirit in me decided to just make use of whatever time remaining for photo-ops. Aside from that, I also didn't want to feel all icky with salt water on our way to the boatman's house where we'd take our bath. So there, another good excuse. =p

And that's the last installment of my Holy Week get-away. Whheew! More summer escapades and one silly videoke night, upnext. Let's all waste time here, kk? :D



Sey said...

Those who would want to go there would really thank you for including the expenses and itinerary.

Why didn't you opt to rent a van good for 12 person is worth 6,000 pesos and we roughly spend 1,500 pesos for everything that includes food. Magastos kasi mag-commute. Hassle pa.

Breathtaking view talaga sa Capones. Lintik na Lighthouse yan nakakanginig dahil afraid ako sa height katakot pa yung stairs paakyat.

I love your solo picture sa taas ng lighthouse and the one wearing swimsuit. Wit-wiw!!!

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

This is so cool!! I'm so jealous XD Love the pics!! <3

Unknown said...

wow ang hilig gumala! Anyway, gustong gusto ko ang description ng blog mo.. I love that!

Janel said...

Awesome ^_^. Too bad your camera died out :( Would've loved to see more. Looks like you had a good time though :)

¤ blogniJANEL

kitkat said...

Lovely pics! *so jealous* :p

Rah said...

I haven't been to Capones and I haven't been to Anawangin, but the way you described Capones it seems breathtaking. It's sad though, that you had to leave early which prevented you from enjoying the place.

I like the fact that you even posted a breakdown of expenses, and the fact that you went there commuting.

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. usually kasi hindi definite ung count nmin pag with college friends. kaya mahirap mag-arrange ng van rentals.

ganda talaga sa capones, worth it ang nginig mu pag-akyat ng lighthouse. :D

@jodie-ann. thanks! don't be jealous. i'm sure you have your own fun ways of spending summer.

@tim. thanks for the visit! mahilig talaga ako gumala. :))

@janel. yeah, we did. bitin lang ang pictorial sa capones.

@kitkat. thanks!

@rah. you should visit anawangin and capones before they become too commercialized. mas okay pa din ma-experience ang totoong camping even just once.

Nortehanon said...

How thoughtful that you included a breakdown of the expenses. Frequent travelers like me would find it really helpful.

Hmn, since you're another "itchyfeet" like me, I might as well invite you to see the amazing rock formations in my province. Some photos can be found at my blog. Baka the photos might convince you hahaha!

Apple Borbon said...

@nortehanon. thanks sa pagdaan. i'll definitely checkout your blog. :)