Sunday, May 1, 2011

on watching movies and fondue party

Just so you know, awesome is what comes to my mind when I think of the people I get to work with everyday. We are literally one of the best, if not really the best team. But no, don't think I am about to share work related stories. That would be too much. 5days a week, 9hrs a day, if you know what I mean. :|

I just wanna share how our awesomeness extends from the four corners of our cubes to outside the many floors of our building. You see, our onshore lead just got back from the US. She was able to get a unit from a condo only few steps from our office. Instant chillax spot for us. Ain't we lucky?

To start with, we had a fondue party. Aside from the ever reliable default food {you guessed it right, pizza}, we also had mallows, wafer and fruits to dip to our chocolate fondue.

pizza looove

fondue parteeey

We also watched Black Swan that night. It stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a ballerina who's completely consumed with her passion and who often hallucinates and end up hurting herself. The movie is a bloody psycho-drama which made me us shriek and cover our faces from time to time.

Black Swan

Before calling it a day, we camwhored using our lead's MacBook webcam. Yeah, when vanity strikes there's no stopping it. Haha!

After the fondue party slash black swan night, we went there again to celebrate a teammates birthday. Tanduay Ice, chips and dips made the night.

And as if it's becoming a habit, we watched a movie again, Taken this time. Pretty much a new movie huh? It stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a retired agent of the CIA. The story revolved around how he saved his daughter, Kim, who was kidnapped by an Albanian gang of human traffickers. And per the birthday girl, the lesson of the story is to never idolize a rock band. Anobeee, akala ko pa naman "Don't talk to strangers".

happy birthday teh Pholeeet!!


We also had so much fun recording videos of ourselves lip syncing ala Moymoy Palaboy. It was crazy fun night especially when we were watching our videos na. I wish I can share but I can't. It's humiliating. Hahaha! :))

prior to our Moymoy Palaboy stint

Aaannnndd speaking of movies, lemme just boast that I was able to watch Kimmy Dora finally. Hahaha! Loser much? But yeah, I was able to watch it only recently. Home alone by my apartment. Bursting into tears laughing all by myself. Felt Silly. But then again, I really am. =)))

Kimmy Dora 

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Coming Soon: Our Mt.Pundaquit-Anawangin-Capones Get Away

Stay Tuned. ♥



musingan said...

penge po. niyang kinakain niyop?

Unknown said...

OMG you're always having fun. Having such cool friends is really wonderful.

Sey said...

friends should always have a place to relax. I watched all the movies and I would comment Natalie Portman. I really like her role especially when she's dancing as the black swan, although she's not really the one dancing.

Anawangin? Did you enjoy? OMG, that is the best get away I've ever been in my whole life. I love the place. I love everything there. Post it, c'mon. (excited much)!!! hahaha!

Apple Borbon said...

@musingan. hahaha! ubos na eh. =)

@mayen. wonderful indeed. i feel so blessed.

@sey. haven't had the time to blog. excited na rin ako to post pictures.

btw, i enjoyed anawangin. such an experience.