Thursday, January 24, 2013

day3: got inked xD

Day 3. Could have been our last chance for the other activities had we not been extended. But that would be a story for later. 

We started the day with what else.. La Carmela's complimentary breakfast! Haha! Had ham, eggs and rice this time. But you know what? I am definitely not impressed with their services. Here's what happened before we got served with our breakfast. We headed to their main hall first. We were told they no longer have vacant tables and with that we can proceed to the convention hall. At the convention hall, we were told they are not serving breakfast there for the day as the conference rooms are being used. Fine. We went back to their main hall and finally got served there. The thing is, some of their staff are not well informed thus giving incorrect information. Although aside from that, everything about La Carmela is just perfect for a budget travel.

Moving on, as soon we went out to the beach, we were informed by the guides that there are still no water activities due to the approaching typhoon. At that moment, I swore to myself I am going back to Boracay! There's no way I'll miss helmet diving and parasailing in this lifetime. Hahaha! I can get exaggerated at times, I know. :P

So guess whaaatt? We spent the entire morning taking pictures again. We rarely swim to be honest. And at this point, Mark hasn't gone swimming yet. The bad side of being a photographer. I mean a real photographer and not just some poser. You know the guys with DSLR but understand nothing about photography. Hihihi. Hindi porket may DSLR ka, photographer ka na. *mean mode*

si tita Cory ay buhay sa puso ko. :P

See my footwear? Island Girl refer to it as sockies. My impulse buy of the year. Hahaha! Got it from Island Girl at Boracay for P995 the night of our second day. I just knew it would be perfect for the next day's outfit. Sure it's perfect, sure it's expensive too. Mehehe.

Let's talk about my swimsuit for the day because to be honest there's not so much to share about the third day of our trip. It's a pleated highwaist from Nudo for P1250. Nudo is way more affordable than Nothing but Water but if you're after quality I suggest you go for the latter.

lifesaver.. not!

group shots.. well, obviously!

But the highlight of the day would be getting our henna tattoos! Can you believe getting a henna tattoo can actually be a highlight of the day in Boracay? Hahaha! Losers! But it can, really, if you have no other choice. I got mine for P100. Until now, I have that cross on my legs. Only that it's no longer henna, rather an uneven skin color. When it's gone, that's the time I know for sure that I have my real skin color back. Now I wonder, kelan pa kaya yun?

While others chose to spend the rest of the day with some serious pictorial {well hello there, Ken and Monique}, I, on the other hand, bathed under the sun with high hopes of getting tan lines. Kung bakit, hindi ko rin alam.  

sun bathing, why yes?!

To cap the night, we availed of La Carmela's dinner buffet again. I love their fish fillet but it was fast gone. And  our topic over dinner? The possibility of getting stranded. If I remember it right, by that time, cost guard has stopped the operations of small boat transfers already. It either gets lifted or we will miss our flight the next day. You don't have to wait for my day 4 story to know what happened. I'll tell you now, we got stranded!

Ruel approves of our dinner

Even before bed time, we were brainstorming of our game plans. Haha! What happens if.. what about if.. Are there cheap flights available? Where are we going to stay? How about our work? I swear the night was crazy.  Add to that the crazy wind that's banging our windows.

brainstorming slash kulitan sessions

So stay tuned to know what happened next. This is gonna be exciting! Except not really. xP 

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