Wednesday, January 23, 2013

day2: banana boat and atv

Day 2. We all woke up early, perhaps unconsciously excited for the activities that await us. We had two complimentary breakfast for each room from La Carmela and we took turns in availing them. We ate breakfast at around 8 am. I had corned beef, egg and rice. Absolutely nothing special. I didn't even finish my food. Pfft! Complimentary breakfast indeed.

goodmorning, Boracay

After brekky, the guys were quick to explore the place. Monique and I, being the girls that we are, took some time prepping up. When we went to the beach, we saw the guys busy with frisbee and skimboard. As expected, Mark was busy taking photographs. Which brings me to my point.. For the record, he was our official Boracay photographer. 

The entire morning was spent taking pictures! You can't blame us, it was our first morning in Boracay and we  were still in awe with the place. Speaking for myself, another reason would be because I love my outfit so much. Yes, girls will always be girls.

I love my trousers :')

Eventually, I gave up with the pants to make way for my swimsuit. Remember I went gaga for this pair? It's an Anemone Swimwear from Nothing but Water and I got it for almost three thousand pesos. It's classy anyway and I'm pretty sure it will last for several summers. Although I'm pretty sure too that no matter how I defend it being classy and all, hindi pa rin lulusot 'to sa nanay ko. 

thanks Mark for these :)

my favorite shot, obviously ♥

And of course, there are group shots. Readers, all three of you, meet the Badj Gang! Short for Badjao because almost everyone's dark. Not to discriminate or anything. There is totally nothing wrong or bad with being dark-skinned. Just thought I need to clear that one out.

more of us

For lunch, we went back to Andok's. It was our official food sponsor for the trip for obvious reasons - it was affordable and we were lazy to look for some other place. This time I had quarter chicken and rice plus mais con yelo again all for P113. We were crazy after that dessert, most especially Mark. We should have counted how many glasses of mais con yelo he was able to knock down the entire trip.

Then it was time for the most awaited activities. To our surprise, they only had Banana Boat, ATV and Zipline at that time. Typhoon Pablo was approaching then and the operations of the other activities had stopped. Funny how the bad news changed Monica's mood drastically. She wanted to try Parasailing so bad. Pero ganun talaga, ang mga bida, nagpapaapi muna sa simula. 

Not having so much choices, we availed of banana boat first. It was for P200 each for 15 minutes of water fun. It was actually my first time to try the said activity. I had the chance back in 2011 at Puerto Galera but it was the time of the month so there's not so much I can do aside from die of envy.

woot woot! banana boaaattt!

The sharing of experiences after the banana boat ride was hilarious. It would be too much though if I share. What happens in Boracay stays in Boracay. ;) But just the thought makes me laugh inside.

We took some rest and freshened up before the next activity which is ATV. No one really bothered to give Zipline a try in Boracay. Definitely.Not.In.Boracay. It's just everywhere. So anyway, at around 3 pm, we were off to try ATV. It was P400 each for an hour of freaking ride. What the heck really if you don't know how to drive. Hahaha! I was with a guide all along and all I had to do was to control the speed. But no, I won't make it a goal to learn how to drive. Not yet. Or maybe not in forever. xP

no more ATV for the rest of my life

By sunset, Mark, Juvani, Dwin and I found ourselves taking silhouette shots. I do not know where the others are at this point but what I know for sure is that it's hella fun to take this kind of shot. There's always a first time. I am obviously amazed. Can someone please explain scientifically how silhouette shots happen? Hahaha!

sunset fun

At around 7 pm, we had dinner at La Carmela. It was a buffer dinner for P275. Mediocre, I should say. Despite having a good number of choices, none impressed me. Tara, Andok's na lang ulit! 


After dinner, I met my classmate back in college, tatay Joemar. I forgot to mention in my previous post that Ruel, Monique and I also met him during our first night and we got McDo treats from him. Thanks, tatay! :) This time around Ruel bullied him to buy a pair of light poi. I tried it too and got hurt several times in the process. Haha! It was fun though. A never ending firsts within a day. ♥ 

poi dance with tatay

We then headed back to La Carmela for some drinks then dozed off. xD

That's about all for tonight. My sister is making me sleep now 'cos we'd go jogging tomorrow morning. I mean later. Eeeepp! Got to hit the sack!



The Boracay Beach said...

have you tried fly fish? it's almost the same as the banana boat, but it's more extreme and thrilling... it's a must try! :)

Apple Borbon said...

@the boracay beach. didn't get the chance. :( it's already on my list though.