Monday, January 28, 2013

day7: some good things never last

Day 7. It was time to go home! Our flight's ETD was 12:30 pm so at around 8 am we were already taking outfit shots outside St. Vincent. Noticed my braids? Got that the previous night for P150. It felt weird at first, I felt bald! Hahaha! It's also the first time that I got to see the shape of my head. Can't thank heavens enough I only had half of my hair braided. It must have felt a lot weirder.

last outfit, goodbye boracay

While waiting for Ruel and Ken, we killed time taking photos. Mark and Dwin were the photographers. Ano ba naman bago dun? :P

As soon as we were all ready, we went to the beach for some last shots. We left Boracay at around 8:30 am. 


badjao and friends bidding boracay goodbye

Same as how we got there, tryc from station 2 to Cagban Port for P25, boat ride from Cagban to Caticlan Jetty Port for P125 {boat fare and terminal fee, no more environmental fee}. From Caticlan, we hired the same van for P1200 again to bring us to Kalibo airport. After 2 hours of van ride, we arrived in Kalibo airport at around 11 am. 

Since our flight was at 12:30 pm, we had lunch first at Bagobos Resto Grill. I had a sandwich and shake for P180. 

brunch at Kalibo

When we got in the airport, we found out that most flights got delayed hence it was full of people. Our flight originally scheduled at 12:30 pm got moved to 1:30 pm. Why, thank you again, Zest Air. We had a lot of airport memes, massage being on top of the list.

We were back in Manila at 2:45 pm. From the terminal, the guys walked a mile to where they can ride jeepneys. Monique and I settled for a cab to our condo in Eastwood. The taxi driver charged us P400 but we didn't mind. Pagod kame, try to understand. Hahaha! 

Back in the condo, I slept the rest of my Saturday away. :D


Superjaid said...

Love the braids and your outfit. Every summer vacay. :-D

Secret din said...

Ulitin natin to!!!!

Apple Borbon said...

@superjaid. thaankss! welcome back to blogging. ;)

@tiny? sure ka? medyo mahal! haha! :P

Ken Pogi said...

great job apple.. enjoyed reading 1-7 ;)

Apple Borbon said...

@ken pogi. salamat! kahit echusero ka lang. :P