Tuesday, January 22, 2013

day1: let's fly to boracay

boracay: itinerary, expenses and some link loving ♥

Here's how our Boracay trip came about. Back in October, all the while that I've been dreaming of Calaguas, Sheena on the other hand, has been dreaming of Boracay. It was that month that I pushed for our Calaguas trip, which by the way you can check out herehere and finally here. It was also that month that Sheena booked our flights to Boracay. It should have been for the four of us - Sheena, Reg, Dwin and myself.  Days have passed and I thought we were all settled. Boy, I was wrong!

We invited Ruel and Monique {my officemates who also went with us to Calaguas} to also join our Boracay trip. So far so good, we're going to Boracay in a group of six. Then the unexpected happened.. Ruel invited other officemates to join the trip too, Juvani, Mark and Ken. To be honest, I also wanted them to join us since that was the time that I'm getting comfortable with them. My bad, I never thought that would make Sheena {and of course Reg too} back out. Reg by the way is Sheena's friend whom I only met once. I would like to believe I did everything for Sheena to change her mind but unfortunately, she didn't. So the Boracay trip that was supposed to be for one group of friends became a trip for ANOTHER group of friends.

I'll make it up to you, teh! :* Just tell me when and I'll save up for it. Save, being the operative word. No hassle this time, I promise. :)

Now let's move on from the sad part of the trip to a slightly annoying airport story. Fast forward to December 2, our flight's ETD is 12:05 pm. We were at NAIA Terminal 4 early except for Dwin. What's new with that anyway? xP No thanks to Zest Air, our flight was moved to 1:00 pm. And take note, we boarded on time! They only said it was moved when we were all settled on the plane and waiting for it to takeoff. No further casualties though, we arrived in Kalibo at 2:05 pm. Yes, I took notes this time. I can be a responsible blogger too, I told you.

waiting for our flight


Touchdown Kalibo!! We were starving to death. Haha! We ate at a nearby restaurant, Miggy's place. I had some sort of chicken inasal for 120 bucks. Good enough for its price to think they are somewhere near an airport. I was just thinking people can actually take advantage of where they are situated but anyway.. forget it!

late lunch at Miggy's

From Kalibo, we hired a van going to Caticlan. We didn't have a contact beforehand but there are a lot of offers around the vicinity. We got ours for P1200. Cheaper and more comfortable compared if we paid P250 each for a public van ride. It was an hour and a half transfer from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port. That's from 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm.

In Jetty Port, we paid P200 each for the boat transfer, that's P25 for the actual fare, P75 for the environmental and admission fee then P100 for the terminal fee. When we boarded, the boat wasn't full so I thought of having my "me" time. I managed to find a seat far from everyone. I comfortably placed my bag beside me, wore my earphones and started listening to my then playlist {which if I may add, hiphop xP} only to find out that it was just a 5-minute travel to Cagban Jetty Port. Imagine the horror when the boat docked and everyone was standing already. Pahiya ng konti ang "me" time ko. 

Mark's edit
ang pahiyang me time

From Cagban Jetty Port, we took a tricycle going to La Carmela. It's a 20-minute ride worth P20 each. We got there at around 5:30 pm.

Our reservations at La Carmela include one standard room and one executive room. That's because by the time the guys decided to join our trip, the hotel's standard rooms are fully booked already. Monica, Dwin and I stayed in the standard room while the rest of the guys stayed in the executive room. The standard room costs P2100 per night while the executive room costs P2800 per night. Both are good for 4 pax. Prices are as such since it's low season at that time. Notable differences between the two were the bath tub, cups and kettle and free flowing coffee and tea. We didn't have those in the standard room but like I care! xP I even favor the standard room over the executive room because the main hall is closer to the beach. The executive hall, on the other hand, is closer to the road. You choose! Hehe.

We took our much deserved rest after we have checked in. And then we roamed around station 2 a little then headed to Andok's for our dinner. I had boneless bangus for P69 and mais con yelo for P34. Budget dinner at its finest.

time to take some rest

After dinner, almost everyone opted to rest and sleep early. Ruel, Monique and I preferred to make the most out of our first night and went swimming in La Carmela's pool. If I only knew we'll be extended for seven days, I should have slept early too. Haha!
first activity: night swimming :P

So much for our first day. Anyway, I secretly challenged myself for a 7-day Boracay trip blogging. That would be from today {heeeey, I'm still counting this for Monday} until Sunday. I secretly accepted the challenge too. Hahaha! Let's keep it a secret so that I won't have to endure public humiliation in case I fail. Deal? Ok, good! :')


Secret said...

Nagenjoy ako sa blog mo Apple! Punta nako sa 2nd day.

Apple Borbon said...

thanks tiny! :P

Anonymous said...

cant wait para sa day 2! bilis! :)

Apple Borbon said...

bilis ka jan. tapos na po from day 1 to 7. :)