Wednesday, April 17, 2013

and on papi's 63rd, we're still epic

Yikkeess!! Why is it so hot in PI? Oh yeah, maybe because it's summer, fool!! It's crazy. It's really crazy. It makes me not want to move a bit. Today, I just lay down on my bed with my good ol' laptop and dig my way through the cyberspace. I'm fine with that, except for the occasional whining that it's too hot. Plus I'm hungry. Shizz. I know for sure I'm hungry but there's nothing my mom would say that can make me respond "yes, that one! I want that for lunch". Urrghh. What's with me today?

So anyway, I got tired of all the whining so I decided to blog. Only this blog can make me shut up and forget all the bad - the heat, the hunger.. perhaps my sumpong too. I know I once said I blog when I'm happy.  Why am I blogging now? Simply because I am not unhappy. Hahaha! I'm just annoyed. And I'm trying my best to fight it. 

I digress. Here are some photos from my father and cousin's birthday celebration last month - dinner at KKK then some fooling around at an amusement center. My mom and dad liked it at the said resto but I didn't. My parents are die-hard fans of Filipino cuisine, that's why. 

Highlights of the day were the laughter brought to us by the mountain-high bistek flakes and my niece's kilig when she tasted the sinigang. She even clapped in joy. You should have seen how adorable she was. ♥

Another highlight would be when I rode the mini carousel at the amusement center. I decided to join my niece and my sister when the carousel's moving already. Kaladkad galore, you can only imagine. Silly moments!!

preppin' up!

waiting in vain

a toast for the birthday boys

have I told you I love shooting?

carousel with the kid & kid at heart

Now that I'm less annoyed, I better check out the fridge for something to eat. I can hear my stomach growl and it's no joke.  ~xoxo, sumpong girl :P




hapi bday sa knya sana aabot din ako sa gnyang katanda

Sybil said...

nice family celebration!! i miss the big family i have back home in PI! :D happy bday to him!!

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Lady_Myx said...

it seems like you really had fun! :D

from Myxilog with love <3

Apple Borbon said...

@kulapitot. funny name! haha! thanks for dropping by.

@libys11. thank you. sad that you miss your family already.

@lady_myx. thank you for dropping by. we did. :)