Tuesday, April 9, 2013

prelude to summer

No more throwback posts this time, I promise. Just in time that I finished my throwback series, I got a copy of the photos I've been waiting for. JUST IN TIME. It's always like that with me and the big Guy above. :)

So anyway, here's my early summer treat for myself back in February - a trip to Republic Wakepark, Nuvali with the Badjaos.

First things first, ootd!! I've always wanted a matching blazer and floral shorts outfit. I even have that on my peg board. Having said all those, who can blame me for savoring the moment? I almost didn't change to my wakeboarding clothes. Hahaha! I had an excuse though 'cause it was also the time of the month. I had a pretty long decision-making time.

We got there at around 9 am sans breakfast. Hungry and all, we registered first. We chose the 4-hour package for P595 each. We also deposited P600 each for the life vest, helmet and digital wrist tag for time tracking. We got the 600 peso deposit back when we returned the said safety gears. They also took our individual photos and an ID; one for the group may do.

Right after the registration, we proceeded to their cafeteria. I had grilled ham and cheese sandwich for P150. By the way, bringing of food is prohibited. I was able to snuck chocolates and sour candies though. 

We did not get to finish our breakfast because we they were so ecstatic to begin wakeboarding. I fought the urge to join them for about an hour. Aside from the fact that I am making the most out of my outfit, the thought of my monthly visitor freaked me out. Eventually, I gave up. It was a tough battle inside my head, you have no idea.

My first try was a good one. Unfortunately, only few of my next tries were better. It was darn difficult!! I guess it has something to do with my lack of balance (can't ride a bike, remember?). Then again, I learned to surf. I really wonder who or what is to blame. Haha! Kelangan may masisi lang? :P On a more positive note, I am not the only one who sucked at it. Ohai, guys!!

They are implementing a 12 to 1 pm lunch break so we had no choice but to go on break too. I had pork mami for P150 and it's the worst I've tasted. Sobrang walang lasa. I asked for fish sauce and they did not have it. My 150 bucks went to waste just like that. 

We were on a wakeboarding spree until around 3pm. Freshening up took a while because three of us were girls. And with girls, I do not mean average maintenance ones. Ang aarte namin. I just had to be honest. :P It took forever before we left the shower room. Sorry boys!

Of course we had to take more photos before we leave. Admit it, taking photos nowadays is just as essential as making memories. Photos can document in detail what our minds may only vaguely remember or possibly forget altogether. 

Lastly for dinner, we had pizza, pasta and chicken at Shakey's Paseo. It was my time to catch up with everyone after a month of not seeing them. To date, it's been three months since I left my job. Perhaps I miss my work, but I know for sure I miss these people more. Lakwacha, soon?

Listing down my expenses just in case I got you interested. :) No reservations needed. Simply go there, have fun and look silly. :P


Goal #12 Wakeboarding - CHECK! 



xoxo_grah said...

hang mura naman...i think malalakihan ka lang sa fare noh?...thanks for the info...like na like ko puntahan to na lugar...:)


Ellie said...

they have wakeboarding in Nuvali? nice. san yun? lol

Laguna ba?

sherene said...

Seems like u guys had so much fun!

Apple Borbon said...

@xoxo_grah. P240 lang yung chip in namin sa gas. madami kasi kame.

@ellie. yep, calamba, laguna.

@sherene. we did. :)

aki! said...

You look fantastic in the pink blazer. I've been looking for a colored blazer this summer.

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Apple Borbon said...

@aki. thank you! :')

hxero said...

gusto ko din ma-try yang wakeboarding hahaha

Apple Borbon said...

@hxero. ang hirap! hahaha pero masaya naman.