Thursday, April 18, 2013

THE tin pe benito ✌

Yeeess, I am friends with the popular Tin Pe Benito. With over 4 thousand followers on twitter, 20 thousand plus views on tumblr and Google suggesting "tin pe benito photography", who would argue with me? She has indeed gone a long way with her VLeague career. I am so proud of you, my sister from another mister ♥. 

Moving on from my grand introduction, we met last month for what seemed to be an endless dinner. You can't blame us! We can't even recall when was the last time we've met. I am guessing December of 2011 when we went to Tagaytay. I can only be wrong if we had undocumented meet-ups last year - meaning no photos, no blog entries. I doubt though. You know me. :P

We had dinner at Holy Cow - her treat! She had a career milestone last November and she's supposed to treat me back then. Obviously, life happened and we only got to meet last month. 

on nom nom

It was a long night of catching up, laughter and cam whoring. And with cam whoring, I mean a very serious one. Thank goodness we were seated at the backmost couch and we didn't have to mind the world. But honestly, we rarely do when we're together. Just plain awesome craziness!

selfie :P

and here we gooo

Past 9 pm, we were forced to leave Holy Cow. Still not satisfied, we transferred to Starbucks - my treat! There's just no stopping the kwentuhan. Or should I say the picturan? Funny how it's so hot in Starbucks but it was still jam-packed. One barista explained that they were having a problem with the ventilation system. Obviously, kuya! Fortunately for us, we were seated near the entrance and I had my trusty pamaypay.

more annoying wacky faces

If I remember it right, we left past 1 am. The lola in me prevailed and I was so sleepy already. No regrets. Because this time, I won't let the year end without seeing this girl again. After all, we both agreed I owe her one. 

And oh, here's an OOTD! I made it a goal to post more OOTDs and so far I've been doing good. Way to go, little miss lazy!

current favorite dress



Sybil said...

food looks good!
and cute dress too!

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Apple Borbon said...

@libys11. thanks! the food's really good. :)

hxero said...

buti ka pa kahit kain ng kain d tumataba

Apple Borbon said...

@hxero. tumataba din naman. mabilis lang pumayat ulit. hihi.