Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'cause j.co's too mainstream

Photos from early this month at Krispy Kreme while resting from Dana's tiring birthday shopping. She blurted out while we were eating.. "may caption na 'ko" referring to the caption she'll use when she posts photos on Instagram, then said.. "cause j.co's too mainstream". Funny how she was trying to claim the line 'cause few months back, we thought of the same Facebook album title without telling each other or talking about it. So when she saw the album I published, she came a-running upstairs to tell me she thought of it too. Really now, baby girl. 

Going back to the photo caption she told me while eating, inunahan ko lang naman sya. Hahaha! Then she was like, "magnanakaw ng ideaaaa" to which I responded "wala kang ebidensyaaaa". Hahaha! Little things. ❤


baby girl bachoy ♥


Jewel Clicks said...

Awesome! pero gusto ko pa rin ma try ang jco donuts. which is kada punta ko ng manila eh sobrang haba ng pila! :O

ZaiZai said...

Ang hilig kasi ng mga Pilipino (akala mo American ako e no? hehe!) sa mga uso. Nung bago at uso ang Krispy Kreme, puro Krispy Kreme, ngayong Jco, puro Jco. Ang Happy House donut kelan kaya uuso hehe! :)

Dapat may timestamp ang mga idea mo para di ma claim ni Dana :)


Mas bet ko country style

Apple Borbon said...

@jewel clicks. exactly! laging jampacked.

@zaizai. HAHAHA natawa ko sa happy house. kelan nga kaya? :))

@kulapitot. haven't tried. next time. :P