Saturday, October 12, 2013

treat after treat

How many times have I said I'm blessed with friends? Countless, you might have answered. I never realized that fact until I got tired of work, eventually resign and be a couch potato for nine long months {and counting}. When I left Eastwood and moved back to my parents, my plan was to hibernate. Hibernate?? What? Am I an animal now? Hehe. Seriously though, I was supposed to not meet friends, not update my social media accounts {which by the way happens to be a lot}.. I dunno, probably make my presence unfelt in general. It's weird I know and it's difficult to explain, but what the photo below says kind of sum it up.

via Tumblr

There! I hope it made sense 'cause that's exactly how I felt - just tired of everything. So I took the big leap and left the life I've lived for years. Ha! I felt so brave then. :P Most things after that were as expected, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING {felt the emphasis?} - my friendships here and there.

Supposedly, the point of this post is just to share the treats I got from two sets of friends the last time I visited Eastwood. Yes, that explains my blog title. Turned out, I have lots to say. My brain is puking words, might as well make the most out of it.

Going back, you might have wondered how I came to the realization that I'm blessed with friends. Or you might not have. Either way, here are my reasons in bullet form. Brace yourselves!

  • Back in February, I went with my former officemates to Nuvali. I was honestly surprised that I went with them. Why? Because I've always been incapable of carrying over friends from one phase to the next. You get what I mean? I have exactly one remaining friend from highschool and about five {seven the most :P} from college. Hahaha! Binilang ko talaga. :P I'm just bad at communicating and my social skills suck. Trust me. {post here: prelude to summer}

  • The next month, I met up with one of my few college friends - Tin. Please don't tell anyone that I told you but.. yes, she's the popular Vleague photographer. Hahaha! She hates it when I do this. :P Anyway, I got a treat from her from Holy Cow. It's a once in a life time treat 'cause she's extremely kuripot. Peace, Shoms. :* We call each other that, by the way. {post here: THE tin pe benito ✌}

  • Early April, I was having dilemmas. One day, I was all alone somewhere when I felt that I can no longer contain all the grudges. I sms-ed the best friend for rescue and after few hours we were together in Kangaroo Jack eating four cheese pizza and uhmm.. can't remember what pasta we had. Hehe. On top of everything, it was her treat. Didn't I tell you I am a lucky creature? {post here: best friend duties}

  • I really didn't get any treat the month of May but it is the best month by far. And why not, I went all the way to Ilocos then with my Foursome friends. They are what's left of my friends from where I resigned. I told you I am bad at keeping in touch. From around 10 {first bullet}, they're down to four. Looking at the bright side, it seems I can keep these three.{not yet blogged cause I haven't gotten a copy of our photos. halleluia!}

  • From my birthday month onwards, I met quite a lot of friends. Early July, I celebrated my birthday with four of my college friends. I share the same birth month with one of them so even if it wasn't our treat, we made them see us. Friends, papasaan ba't makakabawi din ako kami. :P {post here: birthday double up}

  • Towards the end of the month, I met with three more college friends - different set from the first ones I met. I am no longer THAT close to them but it was good that after years and years of not seeing each other, we finally decided to catch up. I had to be a bum lang pala. Hahaha! {post here: wetpooh once again}

  • Early August, I got another treat from one of the college friends I met back on my birthday month - Jhov. It was her late birthday treat for me, movie plus dinner. We were never close back in college but we surprisingly clicked when we got older. Life's surprises.♥ {post here: percy jackson kinda night}

Wheew! That was a lot! And as if all those are not enough, let's move on to what originally this post is all about - two separate treats I got from different set of friends in just a day. Yaaay!

August 31. It has long been planned that Sheena, Dwin and I will meet for dinner, their treat of course. Everyone's spoiling me. :D But few days after the said date, Mark from my Foursome friends {Mark, Job, Monique and myself} said that he's going to treat us because of his promotion. He chose a weekday originally but I requested for a weekend instead. I didn't want to go all the way to Eastwood for a quick lunch. Hell no! He agreed to have it on the coming Saturday but another conflict came in the form of my commitment with another set of friends - Sheena and Dwin. If I remember it right, we thought of meeting for lunch on the same day instead but we didn't have final plans.

Morning of August 31. I was having the time of my life tinkering with my laptop when Monique called reminding me that we'll meet for lunch. I was like.. whuutt?? I didn't know we'd push through. Hahaha! Imagine the horror! But with Monique's convincing powers.. by 2 pm I was with them in Eastwood. Voila!

We ate at Friday's. Yet again, I know. I swear the lunch was crazy. Andaming kwento, all the more tawa. Plus I really missed them 'cause they are the closest people to me before I resigned. Believe it or not, when I get to work again I want to go back in Eastwood. The place is just too familiar plus they are there. You get the point? :)

Foursome ♥

After lunch, we went to Mark's crib to chill. Made me miss tambay days all the more. I bet you know how it goes, kanya kanyang pwesto.. texting, might be instragramming too, pasulpot sulpot na kwento and tawa. Most of all, silence isn't awkward.  Need I elaborate how important is that?

Come night time, the boys went swimming while Monique and I stayed by the pool side for more chismis. Hehehe. I had to leave though when Sheena texted me that she's in Eastwood already. We waited for Dwin and then headed to Jack's Loft for my second treat for the day.

With these people, I'd say we've outgrown the riot kwentuhan. Must be because we've known each other since we were just starting in the corporate world, we now talk about more serious matters - career, investments, problems.. hahaha! Although I kind of miss our happy-go-lucky days. Travel dito, travel doon. Gastos dito, gastos doon. 
Sheena and Dwin ♥

After dinner, we moved to 711. Why in the world did we ditch Jack's Loft in favor of 711? I honestly can't remember. It was a short stint though. We had to leave earlier than expected cause everyone seemed to be tired already. Must be a sign of aging, huh? Uh-ooh!

have you seen my Selecta ad yet? :P

After this one long day of treats, I got more the following days. Honestly, what did I do to deserve all these? Gaawwd, I'm blessed! #TYL


Aiza said...

Congratulations, sis! I suck at keeping friendship din. Mabilis ako mailang. " cause everyone seemed to be tired already. Must be a sign of aging, huh? " Relate! Haha. When my hs friends meet, minsan na lang kami mag stay past 12. Lol. Tumatanda na nga ika nga. Hehe.

Anyway, you must have that something because your friends like to hang out with you! You're one lucky girl.

Apple Borbon said...

Haha! Cheers to awkward people! :) So confirmed, that's a sign of aging. Nooo!

And I wonder what's that something. But the question is, is there really something? Hahaha!