Monday, October 14, 2013

grampa and gramma's day ♥

Okay, here's another late post for you guys! I mean, with my blog title you must have guessed already. E kelan pa ba kasi ang grandparent's day? Dba nung September 8 pa? Hahaha!

Anyway, my gramma, mom, our youngest and I went to Sanctuario de Paz to visit our grampa - lolo Macho. ❤ It's been six years since he was taken from us but it still pains me that he can't be with us during special occasions like this. No offense to the souls of our other loved ones but it's him I miss the most. I can't even tell why exactly.

My lolo succumbed to bone tuberculosis. Few months before he left, we already know that he's in bad condition and that he can be taken away from us anytime soon. I even remember my sister buying him all sorts of stuff just to make him feel better. Saka dba, it's natural for the  family to spoil a member who's facing a difficult time - much more if the person has a fatal condition. That's where I feel I lacked. 

At that time, I was in my senior year. I was busy as hell so I rarely went home. I was leaving in a boarding house then, by the way. One night, I came home and everybody's not in the house except for my cousin. He asked me if already knew what happened to lolo. That instant I knew what happened.

I cried buckets that night especially everytime I look at him in his casket. I cried all the more during his interment because I felt that I could have done more for him when he was still living. After the funeral rites, my friends who went with us told me that they cried too when then saw me cry. Apparently, I wasn't the type to cry easily. Another friend even rejoiced when he saw me cry the first time but that's a different story.

This one is as cliché as it can be but.. SHOW THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Trust me on this. I learned my lesson the hard way so I'm doing a better job now towards lola taas. Funny how we call them, lolo Macho because he's been thin all his life and lola taas 'cause it's a slightly uphill road to their house, a short walk from ours. Forgive our logic. Hahaha!

Moving away from the sadness that this story is, below are the photos from our short cemetery stint. Yes, we don't look sad at all but I know for sure there's regret and heartache behind those smiles. Did I just start with the drama again? Haha! Sorry!

But really, we had fun taking photos beside lolo's pit. I'm sure he'd understand. Mom and Dana were the crazy people that they are then asking me to take photos of them while walking. Duuh! My gramma on the other hand was like.. "hay, sige na nga" or "wag na ako, matanda na ako". Hahaha! Generation gap right there!

three generations

we love yaah, gramma. :*

Before heading home, mom treated us to dinner. That's one in a blue moon, if I may add. Hahaha! Peace, mom! Dana and I wanted to stroll 'round the mall more but the oldies were tired already so..


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