Thursday, October 17, 2013

food trippin' with ze best friend

Gaaah! How do you hate it when you want to sleep already but you can't?? You just cant'! Yeaah, I hate it too. However, I have my blog to keep me company. Take this a sign, put up yours now. ✌

I digress. Last month, few days after my third major sickness this year, my best friend called me up out of nowhere inviting me for dinner. I was a bit hesitant 'cause 1) I'M SICK 2) it's late already and 3) I don't have anything to wear. Superficial like that! Hahaha! But as obvious as it is, I went with her anyway. 

It took us a while to decide where to go. From the gate of our village, it's either we turn left going to Quezon City or we turn right going to Bulacan. I live in Caloocan, by the way. The part of the city that's sandwiched between QC and Bulacan - right smack in the middle.

So anyway, we chose the latter. Bulacan, that is. It honestly felt a little weird looking for a place to eat. It's not that I'm totally clueless about the place, I mean, it's the direction going to my dad's favorite church so.. But not to dine out. 

Then I found out that my best friend and her fiancé frequent a place there - a carinderia of sorts but a notch more sosyal. I wish I noticed the name of the place but sadly, no. And the food? Not bad at all! I even finished mine, hyperacidity and all. Partida! We had sisig, sinigang, rice of course and their SERVICE WATER. Sinong takot sa sakit ng tyan? Definitely not me!!

excuse my sick fugly face

On our way looking for another place to settle to, my best friend thought of visiting her fiancé. He works in a Jollibee branch somewhere in Bulacan, manager if I'm not mistaken. Minutes of kamustahan after, we're off to go. He handed us free sundaes. Instant dessert, why yes?

Everything was a blur after that. You know how it goes? You refuse to part ways yet but you can't think of  a place to go to.  Plus it was late already. Tragic!

By {her nickname} finally thought of going to the gimikan part of Robinsons, Novaliches. I am more than a a hundred percent sure that if only the malls are open, we wouldn't even think of setting foot in that place. But we didn't have a choice, clearly. 

Now, guess what we did there? Here: Park the car, leave the air con working and finally eat our sundaes inside. Yes, ganun kami gumimik. Hahaha! But frankly, if not for my hyperacidity, I wouldn't mind drinking a bottle or two just to keep the night going. Mind you, I've only tasted alcohol four times in this life time. At TASTED lang talaga. Hella good person right here! Mom? Mom? Are you reading this? Hahaha!

Jollibee mainstays :P

Since our Robinsons stint didn't really work out, we transferred yet again. We found ourselves capping off the night with macaroni soup at another Jollibee branch, the one that's near SM Fairview. It's where we stayed the longest. Too long that we only left at around 1AM {or was that 2?} Unimaginable kwentuhan.

And before I go back to forcing myself to sleep, let me just boast around that EVERY SINGLE THING was her treat! Made me realize all the more that I'm indeed blessed with friends. I am thankful beyond words. ❤


Unknown said...

Hi apple, how are you? I love the new look of your blog page

Shayne ♥ said...

that's how we roll din hahaha park the car and eat something! :D :D i would eat sisig all the time kung hindi lang macholesterol :P

Apple Borbon said...

@lovely mom. hi! can't comment on your blog na. i don't have a google plus account. :(

@shayne. dbaa? hahaha! when you have nowhere to go to.