Monday, October 21, 2013

once in a blue moon

Here's a truth I've always been proud of but rarely, rarely tell other people about: ako ang taya everytime our family goes out. Believe it or not, galante ako. :P I guess it came from the way our parents raised us. We were spoiled kids growing up especially by my father. Mom (needs) + Dad (wants) = happy kids. Hala, ang corny ng equation ko. Hahaha! So anyway, when my salary became decent enough, I felt it's time to give back. I started with uhmm, how do I say this? Making their tummies happy? :)

My sister's working too {the one next to me, Anit} but I seldom ask for backup aka "hati tayo sa gastos" and most often than not hating unggoy pa. Hahaha! She's vying for the most kuripot anak ni papi award but Dana just won't give up easily. ✌

Did you slowly feel the connection of my post title with all these blabbering? Mmmkay, long story short, this time ako naman ang nailibre. I know, I know. I've been getting treats left and right, pero dude iba to! From a kuripot family member to. Haha! Papatayin na 'ko ng kapatid ko.

Late last month, Dana and I turned SM Fairview upside down looking for her perfect PE shoes - Anit's treat too. Ohaa, ohaa! We shortlisted her choices then roamed around some more while waiting for Anit. We also looked for the perfect white shirt while at it. And yes, kailangan perfect talaga lahat.

OOTD muna :P

Dana finally decided to get this brown sneaks from Fila. For the nth time that day we're back to the department store only to find out they no longer have her size. Heartbreaking eh?! Then they agreed to search online instead. Ganun talaga, dapat mag move on agad.

To battle the disappointment, Anit treated us to dinner! Woot woot! If I only knew that being purita will snag me all these treats, nakoo, dati ko pa ginawa. Hahaha! I kid, I kid.

We chose to dine at Chicken Savory. Dana and I chose what seemed to be their classic chicken plus fish fillet. I love their fish fillet, by the way. Anit on the other hand chose noodles, beef noodles if I'm not mistaken. The attendant warned her that its serving is good for 2-3 people but knowing she's a big noodle-eater, she ordered it anyway.

Then our food came. Taadaah, we were all shocked at the sight of the humongous bowl of noodles. We were laughing like crazy to the point that even the crew can't help but laugh. Andun na rin na we are three OA girls when it comes to laughing, PERO ang laki kasi talaga. Just blogging about it now makes me smile. Pass muna sa OA laughter 'cause it's past midnight already.

Anit couldn't take the humiliation that came with the huge-assed bowl so she ordered another meal same as ours. Kunwari share share na lang kami dun sa noodles. We did share but she still ended up eating more than Dana and I did. She then admitted she can finish it by herself. The bowl was just deceiving. Haha! I swear that noodles made the night.

noodles, anyone?

We went back to Charlie after dinner 'cause it's where we found the white shirt. Guess what? They don't have Dana's size again. Que horror! So pinasaya na lang namin ang mga sarili namin by taking selfies. Our youngest is the biggest camwhore though. Ughh. Teens nowadays.

bulaga! my huge eyes righ thurr

Before leaving the mall, we remembered our brother's bilin - carrot cake. That's his craving then so pag may aalis ng bahay, he'd always ask for carrot cake. Funny thing was, we've been looking for it everywhere only to find out that we missed it in the supermarket. It's right there, katabi ng lahat ng tinapay na nakita namin yet we failed to see it. An attendant in French Baker even took us literally to the point of showing a slice of cake with a carrot candy on top. Carrot cake nga naman yun. Hahaha!

the hunt for carrot cake is over

We hurried home after getting the famous carrot cake 'cause we have our family's dinner with us. When we got home, ayun tapos na sila kumain. So much for hurrying.

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Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

naks, sexy naman ni ate. you all are, anyway. :)

btw, sarap malibre noh? haha...yan din na-feel ko ng nilibre kami ng brother ko sa isang short weekend getaway nung umuwi sya, usually kase gastos ko lahat kapag may lakad eh. hehe...

about PS: katakot naman nangyari sa street nyo last night, ingats-ingats. :)

Aiza said...

Kakaaliw naman! I am an only child so I don't get moments like that. Pero you three are admirable! Katuwa. Close kayo talaga. hehe. At laging nag she-share. :)

Hay, uu nga grabe na mga tao ngayon. =\ Ingat2 lg jan, uwi maaga. :)

SunnyToast said...

hahaha.. feel ko 2 na situation..hahahha:)

ang saya lang kc close kayo sa isat isa:)

Love your casual outfit:)

Sybil said...

you're all so pretty! :D parang masarap yung carrot cake! hahaha! :D

Animated Confessions

Unknown said...

Love your outfit and you're so pretty! I really enjoy your blog and would love to follow each other--please visit my blog and I'll follow back :)

xo Jess

Apple Borbon said...

@tal. thanks for the compliment.♥ and yes, sarap mailibre lalo't minsan lang. :)

@miss 'chievous. aww, i didn't know you're an only child. pero i'm sure you have friends that take up the role of siblings.

@sunny toast. thank you. :)

@libys11. thanks! didn't get to taste the carrot cake. hehe.

@jessica cai. thanks for dropping by. i'll check your blog out.